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If I need help right now, what resource is best?

Dial 988 to reach the National Suicide Hotline.


What Is the QR Code to Mental Health?

More than 70 (and counting!) local, regional, state, and national mental health resources hosted on a dedicated webpage easily accessed via QR code.


What is the objective of the QR Code to Mental Health program?

Our objective is to make seeking mental health as stigma-free as seeing a doctor for the flu.


Will anyone know I scanned the QR Code?
No, the QR Code does not track the individual scan. We will see how many times the code is scanned, but will not collect any personal information.


Does the QR Code to Mental Health track users?

No, the QR code does not track any user information. Its only function is to take you to the webpage.


What can I do to help?
Spread the word!  Forward a link to your friends and family, and tell your favorite Pequannock Township business to get a cling for their front window.


What if I know a great resource to add to the page?
Send it over to and we will do our best to review the resource, and reach out to get their permission to add them to our list.


How do you vet your resources?

We check each resource to be sure they have:

  1. An easily accessible site with

  2. Easy access to information that aims to reduce mental health stigma

Give Us Your Feedback
Have feedback on a resource? Want to show us a new resource?
Have feedback on our events?

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Due to volume, we may not be able to respond, but your feedback is appreciated.

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